Stones (1968)

For the first anniversary of the Norfolk and Norwich Sonic Arts Collective, I produced a workshop and performance of Christian Wolff’s masterpiece ‘Stones’, led by electronics improviser, David Ross.

We attracted 10 participants who created their own microphones, gathered materials, developed performance and sound techniques, and created a wonderful interpretation of the piece.

A recording (which I mixed) has been included on this wonderful complication from Berlin-based label E42.A8


I have a piece featured in the next episode of ‘The Ear Has To Travel’ on Cashmere Radio, presented by Katharina Schmidt.

My piece ‘Trees’ is an audio collage of recordings made of the internal structures of trees during a few recent storms.


I recently did some mentoring for the wonderful Eyebrow Arts, as part of their most recent research and development into multi-sensory, interactive performance for audiences living with dementia.

As a result I was asked to create some bespoke instruments based on a rainstick, where the materials inside the rainstick could be seen moving. It was also necessary for the materials inside the sticks to be swapped in and out quickly and for them to be relatively lightweight.

I’m really pleased with the end result and had a great time working with a laser cutter. The theme of their current show is the coast and so these instruments have been named ‘Wavestick’

Studies for No-Input Mixer and Field Recording

I made an album for the One Month Album project. Made using a no-input mixer system which I’ve called ‘some input mixer’, which basically consists of an additional mono channel that field recordings are fed into. It creates interesting gating and distortion and adds an extra layer of unpredictability.

Temporal Objects

I was invited to create some work for the East Anglian Art Fund show ‘Inheritance’ which is currently on at Norwich Castle Museum from 3 March until 20 May 2018.

My work, ‘Temporal Objects’ consists of a cabinet of objects which accompanies a 5 minute sound piece. The installation is also accompanied by a Bandcamp page which allows the audience to listen to each track from the live capturing process to hear the detail of each stage of the work.

“Things which we inherit via conversation and memory are rarely static; they shift and decay whilst retaining varying fragments of truth.”

For this work, inspired by Alvin Lucier’s I Am Sitting In A Room, Oliver Payne recorded a selection of people describing a significant memory, specifically memories which relate to a person or place. These spoken narratives were then edited through several stages of live recapturing in the places and spaces described in the participant’s memories. In the process, much of the recognisable words were lost, what we hear is the resonant qualities of the spaces themselves, like shadows of the words that were originally spoken.


(Photos coming soon)

Auto-drawing with sound.

Since moving to OUTPOST studios earlier this year I’ve been using sound to make drawings with some really lovely results:

And here is a video of how they are made. This example is a 32Hz pure tone, bike spoke and sand. The drawings simply replace the sand with paper and the spoke with various objects and ink.

Heroes Talk

I supported my good friend Ranieri Spina with his first solo installation at the excellent Firstsite, Colchester as part of the We; You, Me exhibition that ran from 13 October to 16 November 2017.

Ranieri’s piece ‘Heroes Talk’ was a playful look at the role of the artist shown through a series of constructed and carefully composed components made entirely from toys.

Ranieri and I played the toys along with some guitar and other objects on the opening of the event; the recording of our performance was then played back throughout the rest of the run and accompanied the table of toys and objects, which was perfectly preserved from the performance.

Surface Microphone MkI

I’ve built a stereo surface mic to be used for performance at ‘Hero’s Talk’, my collaboration with guitarist Ranieri Spina as part of the We:Me, You show at Firstsite Colchester.

This mic has two piezo elements with preamps and left/right volume control. It also has a sleeve which can contain objects on the surface.



For the last three months visual artist, Will Hurt and I have participated in the Collusion R&D challenge, to create new audio visual work for several Panasonic PT-EX16K projectors, to be projected in various locations around Kings Lynn.

On the weekend of 29th September our work was presented alongside three other teams. Our project, ASSEMBLE, was a three player audio visual sequencer using the architecture of local buildings and sounds collected from those buildings. The sequencer behaved like a game in that each layer of sound could be processed creating either synchronised sounds and rhythmic patterns or something far more abstract.

This concise video describes it in a little more detail:


Music for 200 Leaves

I wrote a short piece to be performed at a Plank session, which can be heard here alongside the score and a photo taken after the performance.


Perpetua 2 at ‘Pavilion of the Senses’

I was asked to create some work for the ‘Pavilion of the Senses’; a five-day exhibition held at a stall on Norwich market, curated by Megan Ryder. Each day a different artist made work in response to one of the five senses.

I made Perpetua 2; A very simple perpetual system which uses the random pattern of a PC fan to make sound, sent to a surface transducer attached to a piece of a washing machine. Apart from the guitar, the whole piece is made from junk or repurposed objects. Sound is made when the fan plucks the strings and when the fan motor causes interference by the copper coils on the guitar pick-ups.

This is the first time I’ve had work in such a public place and although it was fantastic to engage with a brand new audience (lots of interest), it was challenging to get a decent recording due to the ambient noise. Also, the battery in my external mic failed hence the poor sound quality in this video.


I am in an evolving duo with percussionist (and excellent printmaker), Taz Stevenson called Rooks.

Taz plays a basic drum kit through a series of contact mics and small solid state amps. I play no-input mixer through a couple of effects.

The project was a formed as result of a visit we made to see the phenomenal roosting of 50000 rooks at Old Buckenham last year.

Sudden Amusements for Noam Chomsky

Sudden Amusements (a duo I am in with trumpet and electronics player, Chris Dowding. My role is live processing of Chris’ trumpet, objects and field recordings) have been asked to contribute a piece for a release in tribute to linguist, philosopher and thinker, Noam Chomsky.

The record (on —- label), yet unamed will be released later this year.

Our piece ‘First Nature’ is an edit of a 45 minute live recording. As well as trumpet, objects and field recording I also used a tape recorder with a previously recorded collage of Chomsky oration which was then processed in my Supercollider system.


Green box

I took my JrF contact mics to the mysterious green box (which I later discovered was a BT wiring unit) as I always found the throbbing drones it produced attractive.

I was really delighted by what I picked up, using the various thicknesses of steel on the housing and positions around the cabinet I managed to record some really interesting tones.

To be listened to on decent speakers or headphones, this piece will not work on laptop speakers.

(Green Box is currently being used to accompany a really nice interactive VFX generator on the home page of

Ears On Objects

In March 2017 I had a three day solo installation at Nunnysard Gallery in Norwich. The show was called ‘Ears On Objects: Sounding the Domestic Environment’.

The installation consisted of three pieces:

‘Perpetua’ (PC fan, inductor coil and three prepared speakers)

‘Lyrebird’ (Hacked greeting card, tin foil baking tray and two fans)

‘Infinite Fugue for Three Fans’ (Three pedestal fans, three prepared inductor coils, mixing desk and monitors)


The Tide

The Tide was created for Vacuamoenia’s INNERSCAPE project which focused on typically inaudible or unusually heard sonic environments.

This piece was created using inductor coil pick-ups and contact microphone; two instruments I often use that are able to capture sounds that are usually inaudible to humans.

The body of the texture was created by recording the electronic activity in my router whilst downloading the INNERSCAPE submission application and me completing the online form. I then uploaded the recording to an FTP site and recorded the router once more. I repeated this one more time and then finally recorded my portable recorder whilst it was recording the router. Finally I used a processed recording of a wind turbine and a volume gate to add deep punches when the router sounds peaked.


Cymatic water amplifier

I’m making a portable water amplifier to be used as part of a sensory activity for young people with disabilities. Basically it’s just a rehoused 60W amp, mounted horizontally. I’ve not got round to making the acrylic tray that sits nicely in the housing but couldn’t resist trialling it with a plastic box I found.

Put my lovely drone machine through it and the results are pretty satisfying.



Me and my friend Morris recorded a free improv guitar jam, intended as our contribution to the excellent One Month Album project.


Lyrebird 1

I’m producing a range of installation pieces for a series called ‘Lyrebird’.

Very simply, the sounds of objects being destroyed or distorted are recorded and played back through the processed object. The objects are attached to a surface transducer, which allow the objects themselves to sing with the sound of their own destruction.

This is an A1 sheet of pale yellow card.

The video showing the recording of the source audio can be seen here.

Patterns and Phases

I made a pair of aeolian harps for the Waveney & Blythe Arts sculpture trail.

They’re situated on the furthest northerly point on the site, on the edge of the scrape just beside the river.

When the wind is blowing in the right direction the harps provide a beautifully subtle stereo drone which compliments the landscape nicely.

Trail runs Friday to Sunday throughout August and the first weekend in September.