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Studies for No-Input Mixer and Field Recording

10 March, 2018 (21:48) | Audio | By: ob

I made an album for the One Month Album project. Made using a no-input mixer system which I’ve called ‘some input mixer’, which basically consists of an additional mono channel that field recordings are fed into. It creates interesting gating and distortion and adds an extra layer of unpredictability. Studies for No-Input Mixer and Field […]

Temporal Objects

5 March, 2018 (23:19) | Audio, Installation | By: ob

I was invited to create some work for the East Anglian Art Fund show ‘Inheritance’ which is currently on at Norwich Castle Museum from 3 March until 20 May 2018. My work, ‘Temporal Objects’ consists of a cabinet of objects which accompanies a 5 minute sound piece. The installation is also accompanied by a Bandcamp […]

Music for 200 Leaves

27 September, 2017 (19:15) | Audio, Live | By: ob

I wrote a short piece to be performed at a Plank session, which can be heard here alongside the score and a photo taken after the performance.  

Sudden Amusements for Noam Chomsky

3 July, 2017 (20:24) | Audio, Live | By: ob

Sudden Amusements (a duo I am in with trumpet and electronics player, Chris Dowding. My role is live processing of Chris’ trumpet, objects and field recordings) have been asked to contribute a piece for a release in tribute to linguist, philosopher and thinker, Noam Chomsky. The record (on —- label), yet unamed will be released […]

Green box

3 July, 2017 (20:15) | Audio | By: ob

I took my JrF contact mics to the mysterious green box (which I later discovered was a BT wiring unit) as I always found the throbbing drones it produced attractive. I was really delighted by what I picked up, using the various thicknesses of steel on the housing and positions around the cabinet I managed […]

Ears On Objects

9 April, 2017 (11:49) | Audio, Installation | By: ob

In March 2017 I had a three day solo installation at Nunnysard Gallery in Norwich. The show was called ‘Ears On Objects: Sounding the Domestic Environment’. The installation consisted of three pieces: ‘Perpetua’ (PC fan, inductor coil and three prepared speakers) ‘Lyrebird’ (Hacked greeting card, tin foil baking tray and two fans) ‘Infinite Fugue for […]

The Tide

22 March, 2017 (21:16) | Audio | By: ob

The Tide was created for Vacuamoenia’s INNERSCAPE project which focused on typically inaudible or unusually heard sonic environments. This piece was created using inductor coil pick-ups and contact microphone; two instruments I often use that are able to capture sounds that are usually inaudible to humans. The body of the texture was created by recording […]


3 December, 2016 (21:49) | Audio | By: ob

Me and my friend Morris recorded a free improv guitar jam, intended as our contribution to the excellent One Month Album project.  Entropy – Masuda Pagne Duo by Morris Masuda & Oliver Payne

Wet Grass and Webcams

10 July, 2016 (09:17) | Audio | By: ob

I recently took part in a one-month album challenge (write, produce and release an album of 10 tracks (or 35 minutes in length) in the month of June). These pieces were really offcuts from longer, unfinished bits but I quite like some of it. Free to download via Bandcamp Wet Grass and Webcams by Pagne

A Hidden Spectrum

22 February, 2016 (17:57) | Audio | By: ob

I have a new monthly show on Future Radio (107.8FM and DAB) called A Hidden Spectrum. It’s aim is to promote improvised music and to celebrate spontaneity in infrequent musical engagements so I’ll be playing lots of free stuff, lots of collaboration and hopefully get some session/live recordings from visiting improvisers and artists. 10-11pm, every […]

Office Ambience

24 January, 2016 (19:46) | Audio, Video | By: ob

I recently read an alarming report published by the Environmental Health Trust which led to the banning of Wifi in French nurseries and thought to myself the extent of travelling radio waves and electronic signal through the atmosphere, ignored by us due to the limitations of our senses. A day or two later, at work, […]

Abstract Playground

11 November, 2015 (11:39) | Audio, Video | By: ob

I recently contributed a few sound packs to the Abstract Playground, made by my good friend Will Hurt. Abstract Playground is a screen based interactive tool, designed for people with learning difficulties, made during Will’s residency at the LEVEL Centre, Rowsley. The project was co-commissioned by D-Lab and the Level Centre. I made Will a […]

Playing & Projecting

22 October, 2015 (15:56) | Audio, Video | By: ob

I recently produced an event called Playing and Projecting which was part of the Magdalen Street Celebration. The event consisted of two performances by the groups Arthur and Some Things at two different venues; Gildengate House at OUTPOST Studios in the morning and EPIC Studios in the afternoon. The groups were performing improvised music that […]


22 October, 2015 (12:31) | Audio | By: ob

My father-in-law has a really tuneful selection of fruit bowls. A little Cageian improvisation recorded on my phone.

Printed Matter

15 September, 2015 (20:34) | Audio | By: ob

I recently helped my friend Tazelaar Stevenson with his Printed Matter book, which is on its’ way to the NYC Printed Matter book fair. The book is a series of printed grids and textures, inspired by the landscapes of North Norfolk. The book comes with a 4 minute field recording, pressed on a 7 inch […]

My Champion Heartache

18 January, 2015 (21:11) | Audio | By: ob

I produced three sound pieces for the excellent Odd Comic, collectively called ‘My Champion Heartache‘. Holly and Dot of Odd Comic collected an archive of recordings from a series of performances, pieces and research projects, mostly concerning the morbid side of pet ownership. I edited the recordings and added a bunch of field recordings to […]

Decomposed: Reconstructed

3 May, 2014 (17:29) | Audio, Installation | By: ob

Surround sound design created for live installation at the Floating Gallery, Berlin


3 May, 2014 (16:49) | Audio, Installation | By: ob

I have a sound piece at an exhibition titled ‘Topography Disarranged: Landscape, Dislocation & Place” at the excellent Queen of Hungary Space. The exhibition is 23rd May – 7th June and I thoroughly recommend visiting to hear the piece in the context of accompanying visual pieces. For those that can’t make it, this is my […]


24 April, 2014 (12:24) | Audio | By: ob

I’ve been working on a commission; a cymatic sound sculpture for children and young people called ‘See Sound’. The column has a 600W loudspeaker mounted in the top and above that will be a mounted steel sheet with coloured sand in (yet to made). The speaker will be fed by a tone/wave generator app on […]

Feral Tapes

24 January, 2014 (16:32) | Audio | By: ob

I host a show on Future Radio called Feral Tapes where I play lots of unusual sound and music, it’s on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month from 8-9pm and I’ve been told to promote it more – so here you go. Listen online at or at 107.8FM. I’ll get round to […]