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Drawing Machine

10 May, 2020 (20:51) | Installation | By: ob

A variation of several drawing machines I have made, this one presented at the OUTPOST studio holder show in August. These machines were initially built to make sound but I found they made far better images.


20 January, 2020 (14:42) | Audio, Installation | By: ob

I was commissioned by agency, MARK London, to create some sound design to accompany a light installation on display as part of the Elephant Park development in Elephant and Castle. The brief was simple in that it had to be festive but not cliched. The other part of the brief was of great interest was […]

Listening booth

14 November, 2019 (09:48) | Installation | By: ob

In 2018 the Norfolk and Norwich Sonic Arts Collective (of which I am a founder) launched the YARMONICS sound archive alongside the YARMONICS festival of sonic art and new music. For the 2019 festival I built this listening booth that was positioned in one of the venue spaces (Ex Marks The Spot gallery), so audience […]


11 August, 2019 (21:09) | Installation | By: ob

I was invited by Michael James Lewis to create some work for a show in the Norwich Cathedral hostry. The show, called ‘As and When; In the Waxing Crescent’ is a series of drawings and instruments. 15580/38 is a pair of instruments that each strike a piece of Norfolk flint, once per minute, for 38 […]

KOMA Field Kit DC experiments

26 November, 2018 (22:30) | Installation, studio | By: ob

I made this cassette player device which is controlled by the Field Kit’s DC interface. In these preliminary tests I’ve just used the Field Kit’s LFO but I can imagine using more interesting signals to control the DC output would create some lovely things.   

Temporal Objects

5 March, 2018 (23:19) | Audio, Installation | By: ob

I was invited to create some work for the East Anglian Art Fund show ‘Inheritance’ which is currently on at Norwich Castle Museum from 3 March until 20 May 2018. My work, ‘Temporal Objects’ consists of a cabinet of objects which accompanies a 5 minute sound piece. The installation is also accompanied by a Bandcamp […]

Heroes Talk

5 December, 2017 (21:45) | Installation, Live | By: ob

I supported my good friend Ranieri Spina with his first solo installation at the excellent Firstsite, Colchester as part of the We; You, Me exhibition that ran from 13 October to 16 November 2017. Ranieri’s piece ‘Heroes Talk’ was a playful look at the role of the artist shown through a series of constructed and […]

Surface Microphone MkI

14 October, 2017 (20:53) | Installation, Live | By: ob

I’ve built a stereo surface mic to be used for performance at ‘Hero’s Talk’, my collaboration with guitarist Ranieri Spina as part of the We:Me, You show at Firstsite Colchester. This mic has two piezo elements with preamps and left/right volume control. It also has a sleeve which can contain objects on the surface.   


14 October, 2017 (20:42) | Installation | By: ob

For the last three months visual artist, Will Hurt and I have participated in the Collusion R&D challenge, to create new audio visual work for several Panasonic PT-EX16K projectors, to be projected in various locations around Kings Lynn. On the weekend of 29th September our work was presented alongside three other teams. Our project, ASSEMBLE, […]

Perpetua 2 at ‘Pavilion of the Senses’

3 August, 2017 (19:38) | Installation | By: ob

I was asked to create some work for the ‘Pavilion of the Senses’; a five-day exhibition held at a stall on Norwich market, curated by Megan Ryder. Each day a different artist made work in response to one of the five senses. I made Perpetua 2; A very simple perpetual system which uses the random […]

Ears On Objects

9 April, 2017 (11:49) | Audio, Installation | By: ob

In March 2017 I had a three day solo installation at Nunnysard Gallery in Norwich. The show was called ‘Ears On Objects: Sounding the Domestic Environment’. The installation consisted of three pieces: ‘Perpetua’ (PC fan, inductor coil and three prepared speakers) ‘Lyrebird’ (Hacked greeting card, tin foil baking tray and two fans) ‘Infinite Fugue for […]

Cymatic water amplifier

23 December, 2016 (19:40) | Installation, Video | By: ob

I’m making a portable water amplifier to be used as part of a sensory activity for young people with disabilities. Basically it’s just a rehoused 60W amp, mounted horizontally. I’ve not got round to making the acrylic tray that sits nicely in the housing but couldn’t resist trialling it with a plastic box I found. […]

Lyrebird 1

30 October, 2016 (21:33) | Installation, Video | By: ob

I’m producing a range of installation pieces for a series called ‘Lyrebird’. Very simply, the sounds of objects being destroyed or distorted are recorded and played back through the processed object. The objects are attached to a surface transducer, which allow the objects themselves to sing with the sound of their own destruction. This is […]

Patterns and Phases

31 August, 2016 (20:49) | Installation, Video | By: ob

I made a pair of aeolian harps for the Waveney & Blythe Arts sculpture trail. They’re situated on the furthest northerly point on the site, on the edge of the scrape just beside the river. When the wind is blowing in the right direction the harps provide a beautifully subtle stereo drone which compliments the […]

Decomposed: Reconstructed

3 May, 2014 (17:29) | Audio, Installation | By: ob

Surround sound design created for live installation at the Floating Gallery, Berlin


3 May, 2014 (16:49) | Audio, Installation | By: ob

I have a sound piece at an exhibition titled ‘Topography Disarranged: Landscape, Dislocation & Place” at the excellent Queen of Hungary Space. The exhibition is 23rd May – 7th June and I thoroughly recommend visiting to hear the piece in the context of accompanying visual pieces. For those that can’t make it, this is my […]

The sound of the wind in the orchard

20 September, 2013 (11:06) | Installation, Video | By: ob

I recently installed a high tension wire to capture the sound of the bisecting wind and perching insects in a beautiful old orchard in Norfolk. Here are the results: Due to the variety of recordings I made throughout the day I have layered a few tracks to fit within the 2 minute video. All sounds […]