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Mega Phoney

26 November, 2018 (22:23) | Live | By: ob

I was invited to participate in the event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Neutrinos ‘The Butcher of Common Sense’ project. Guests were invited to present a ‘cover version’ of one of their pieces from the BOCS album. Here is my version of ‘Spill the Sea’; using a short snippet of the original track […]

Heroes Talk

5 December, 2017 (21:45) | Installation, Live | By: ob

I supported my good friend Ranieri Spina with his first solo installation at the excellent Firstsite, Colchester as part of the We; You, Me exhibition that ran from 13 October to 16 November 2017. Ranieri’s piece ‘Heroes Talk’ was a playful look at the role of the artist shown through a series of constructed and […]

Surface Microphone MkI

14 October, 2017 (20:53) | Installation, Live | By: ob

I’ve built a stereo surface mic to be used for performance at ‘Hero’s Talk’, my collaboration with guitarist Ranieri Spina as part of the We:Me, You show at Firstsite Colchester. This mic has two piezo elements with preamps and left/right volume control. It also has a sleeve which can contain objects on the surface.   

Music for 200 Leaves

27 September, 2017 (19:15) | Audio, Live | By: ob

I wrote a short piece to be performed at a Plank session, which can be heard here alongside the score and a photo taken after the performance.  


4 July, 2017 (19:38) | Live | By: ob

I am in an evolving duo with percussionist (and excellent printmaker), Taz Stevenson called Rooks. Taz plays a basic drum kit through a series of contact mics and small solid state amps. I play no-input mixer through a couple of effects. The project was a formed as result of a visit we made to see […]

Sudden Amusements for Noam Chomsky

3 July, 2017 (20:24) | Audio, Live | By: ob

Sudden Amusements (a duo I am in with trumpet and electronics player, Chris Dowding. My role is live processing of Chris’ trumpet, objects and field recordings) have been asked to contribute a piece for a release in tribute to linguist, philosopher and thinker, Noam Chomsky. The record (on —- label), yet unamed will be released […]

Plink Plonk

10 July, 2016 (09:27) | Live | By: ob

I’m really happy to announce Plink Plonk; a live series of new collaborations programmed by the Norfolk and Norwich Sonic Arts Collective (of which I am a member). Plink Plonk is all about celebrating improvised music; providing a platform for local artists and collaborating with ‘stars’ from the improv world to create exciting new work. […]