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With Air

11 August, 2019 (20:59) | Live | By: ob

My contribution to Cley19 was an acousmatic performance with Tazelaar Stevenson. Curated by Dyad Creative, I was invited to create a performance for St Mary’s Church. Focusing on the drawing and mark making machines I have been focusing on recently, the performance uses recorded audio to create sound and kinetic energy. The performance resulted in […]


11 August, 2019 (20:53) | Live | By: ob

The Norfolk and Norwich Sonic Arts Collective were invited to co-curate the Norwich Leg of Electropixel9; the experimental music festival from Nantes based collective APO33. I made this electroacoustic performance using two oscillating fans as the main sound source.  

Crystalline performance at Buxton Museum

25 March, 2019 (14:05) | Audio, Live | By: ob

Long term collaborator, Will Hurt invited me to perform on the last day of his exhibition at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery on the 16th March. Will had spent time studying the amazing collection of crystals and minerals and made a series of interactive works in response. My performance used rocks and stones (not precious) […]

Mega Phoney

26 November, 2018 (22:23) | Live | By: ob

I was invited to participate in the event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Neutrinos ‘The Butcher of Common Sense’ project. Guests were invited to present a ‘cover version’ of one of their pieces from the BOCS album. Here is my version of ‘Spill the Sea’; using a short snippet of the original track […]

Heroes Talk

5 December, 2017 (21:45) | Installation, Live | By: ob

I supported my good friend Ranieri Spina with his first solo installation at the excellent Firstsite, Colchester as part of the We; You, Me exhibition that ran from 13 October to 16 November 2017. Ranieri’s piece ‘Heroes Talk’ was a playful look at the role of the artist shown through a series of constructed and […]

Surface Microphone MkI

14 October, 2017 (20:53) | Installation, Live | By: ob

I’ve built a stereo surface mic to be used for performance at ‘Hero’s Talk’, my collaboration with guitarist Ranieri Spina as part of the We:Me, You show at Firstsite Colchester. This mic has two piezo elements with preamps and left/right volume control. It also has a sleeve which can contain objects on the surface.   

Music for 200 Leaves

27 September, 2017 (19:15) | Audio, Live | By: ob

I wrote a short piece to be performed at a Plank session, which can be heard here alongside the score and a photo taken after the performance.  


4 July, 2017 (19:38) | Live | By: ob

I am in an evolving duo with percussionist (and excellent printmaker), Taz Stevenson called Rooks. Taz plays a basic drum kit through a series of contact mics and small solid state amps. I play no-input mixer through a couple of effects. The project was a formed as result of a visit we made to see […]

Sudden Amusements for Noam Chomsky

3 July, 2017 (20:24) | Audio, Live | By: ob

Sudden Amusements (a duo I am in with trumpet and electronics player, Chris Dowding. My role is live processing of Chris’ trumpet, objects and field recordings) have been asked to contribute a piece for a release in tribute to linguist, philosopher and thinker, Noam Chomsky. The record (on —- label), yet unamed will be released […]

Plink Plonk

10 July, 2016 (09:27) | Live | By: ob

I’m really happy to announce Plink Plonk; a live series of new collaborations programmed by the Norfolk and Norwich Sonic Arts Collective (of which I am a member). Plink Plonk is all about celebrating improvised music; providing a platform for local artists and collaborating with ‘stars’ from the improv world to create exciting new work. […]