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KOMA Field Kit DC experiments

26 November, 2018 (22:30) | Installation, studio | By: ob

I made this cassette player device which is controlled by the Field Kit’s DC interface. In these preliminary tests I’ve just used the Field Kit’s LFO but I can imagine using more interesting signals to control the DC output would create some lovely things.   


5 June, 2018 (11:25) | studio | By: ob

I recently did some mentoring for the wonderful Eyebrow Arts, as part of their most recent research and development into multi-sensory, interactive performance for audiences living with dementia. As a result I was asked to create some bespoke instruments based on a rainstick, where the materials inside the rainstick could be seen moving. It was […]

Auto-drawing with sound.

5 December, 2017 (21:49) | studio, Video | By: ob

Since moving to OUTPOST studios earlier this year I’ve been using sound to make drawings with some really lovely results: And here is a video of how they are made. This example is a 32Hz pure tone, bike spoke and sand. The drawings simply replace the sand with paper and the spoke with various objects […]