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Oliver Payne – Video

Auto mark-making process

16 March, 2020 (15:51) | Audio, studio, Video | By: ob

A visual description of my automatic drawing practice using sound. I have a large selection of original drawings for sale, which you can browse below: [ngg src=”galleries” ids=”1″ display=”basic_thumbnail” thumbnail_crop=”0″ images_per_page=”10″]

Warm Soft Body

1 April, 2019 (13:31) | Video | By: ob

I made a film using for the Outpost Open Film screening on 30th March 2019. Warm Soft Body is a short film which explores phoney symbolism and the weaponising of sound.  It has been mixed to optimise the cinema’s sub bass which may not be reflected through listening to it via YouTube.


26 November, 2018 (22:12) | Audio, Video | By: ob

I recently did some sound design for my friend and collaborator, Will Hurt. His piece MASS is being shown at the CUBE gallery, Lincoln, Nebraska.  

Auto-drawing with sound.

5 December, 2017 (21:49) | studio, Video | By: ob

Since moving to OUTPOST studios earlier this year I’ve been using sound to make drawings with some really lovely results: [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”9″ gal_title=”autodraw”] And here is a video of how they are made. This example is a 32Hz pure tone, bike spoke and sand. The drawings simply replace the sand with paper and the spoke […]

Cymatic water amplifier

23 December, 2016 (19:40) | Installation, Video | By: ob

I’m making a portable water amplifier to be used as part of a sensory activity for young people with disabilities. Basically it’s just a rehoused 60W amp, mounted horizontally. I’ve not got round to making the acrylic tray that sits nicely in the housing but couldn’t resist trialling it with a plastic box I found. […]

Lyrebird 1

30 October, 2016 (21:33) | Installation, Video | By: ob

I’m producing a range of installation pieces for a series called ‘Lyrebird’. Very simply, the sounds of objects being destroyed or distorted are recorded and played back through the processed object. The objects are attached to a surface transducer, which allow the objects themselves to sing with the sound of their own destruction. This is […]

Patterns and Phases

31 August, 2016 (20:49) | Installation, Video | By: ob

I made a pair of aeolian harps for the Waveney & Blythe Arts sculpture trail. They’re situated on the furthest northerly point on the site, on the edge of the scrape just beside the river. When the wind is blowing in the right direction the harps provide a beautifully subtle stereo drone which compliments the […]

Office Ambience

24 January, 2016 (19:46) | Audio, Video | By: ob

I recently read an alarming report published by the Environmental Health Trust which led to the banning of Wifi in French nurseries and thought to myself the extent of travelling radio waves and electronic signal through the atmosphere, ignored by us due to the limitations of our senses. A day or two later, at work, […]

Balanced Return

20 November, 2015 (15:39) | Video | By: ob

I’ve been looking into feedback systems whilst researching for an installation I’m currently making using coil pickups and gongs. As part of that research I’ve been playing around with guitars and amplification and made this mini-installation using a guitar, amp and paintbrush. The feedback produced is just enough to keep the paintbrush vibrating causing the […]

Abstract Playground

11 November, 2015 (11:39) | Audio, Video | By: ob

I recently contributed a few sound packs to the Abstract Playground, made by my good friend Will Hurt. Abstract Playground is a screen based interactive tool, designed for people with learning difficulties, made during Will’s residency at the LEVEL Centre, Rowsley. The project was co-commissioned by D-Lab and the Level Centre. I made Will a […]

Playing & Projecting

22 October, 2015 (15:56) | Audio, Video | By: ob

I recently produced an event called Playing and Projecting which was part of the Magdalen Street Celebration. The event consisted of two performances by the groups Arthur and Some Things at two different venues; Gildengate House at OUTPOST Studios in the morning and EPIC Studios in the afternoon. The groups were performing improvised music that […]

Techno Chair

10 July, 2015 (14:34) | Video | By: ob

I am currently working on a series of prototypes that are being developed to be used in a live performance to open the East Anglian (first!) stage of this years’ Tour Of Britain. The idea is to adapt mobility aids and devices in to instruments so that the equipment becomes reliant on the user rather […]

No-Input Doom

20 June, 2014 (15:59) | Video | By: ob

My first proper improvisation for no-input mixer (no-input is the process of connecting one or multiple channels of a mixer into the output which causes the circuits to create feedback controlled by the mixers parameters such as panning and eq; it can be very delicate and totally unpredictable but can create some hugely deep and beautiful […]


1 March, 2014 (19:21) | Soundtrack, Video | By: ob

A recent Ident submission for a popular digital distributor (Images courtesy of ITV).

The sound of the wind in the orchard

20 September, 2013 (11:06) | Installation, Video | By: ob

I recently installed a high tension wire to capture the sound of the bisecting wind and perching insects in a beautiful old orchard in Norfolk. Here are the results: Due to the variety of recordings I made throughout the day I have layered a few tracks to fit within the 2 minute video. All sounds […]


31 July, 2013 (20:44) | Video | By: ob

I made a soundtrack to this rather dark 280mm atomic cannon testing video. The bomb exploded with a force of 15 kilotons but hurt no-one (a few animals though, I’m afraid). Had fun doing some subtle syncing.  

Most Days

10 June, 2013 (13:40) | Video | By: ob

Some more library music  

405 ident

20 March, 2013 (15:10) | Video | By: ob

Some music I set for the new 405TV ident.


7 March, 2013 (18:41) | Video | By: ob

My friends Pari Passu made a lovely little documentary about local Norfolk Legend, Joy. Had fun making that tuned percussion stuff which seams to be on everything at the moment.

Black Ships

3 February, 2013 (16:51) | Video | By: ob

Sound design submission for Wet Sounds 2011