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Oliver Payne – Video


1 February, 2013 (12:10) | Video | By: ob

I was recently involved with the Robert Wilson/Norfolk & Norwich Festival production ‘WALKING’ on the North Norfolk Coast. I managed to make a time lapse of the final installation and cut it to some sound that I recorded on the barb wire fence that runs behind the dunes.


26 January, 2013 (15:12) | Video | By: ob

Vanity perhaps…. but came across this on a dormant hard drive. From a few years ago; my tribute to Fahey’s Sunflower Blues and Jack Roses’ Kensington Blues. Two much missed heroes.


7 January, 2013 (18:40) | Video | By: ob

Borrowed a bass from work and found a sound I liked, made this and added it to a GoPro video (not mine, just borrowing it).


21 October, 2012 (15:52) | Video | By: ob

Just found this clip I did the sound and musicy bits for. Check!

Neve – Two

25 August, 2012 (20:54) | Video | By: ob

Oscar has a collection of unreleased mostly unheard electronic music that I really love, I like this one so much I knocked together a quick video

The Window

1 May, 2012 (13:20) | Video | By: ob

My good friend Oscar and I wrote this tune with the intention of making an accompanying video from old footage of us at playgroup on VHS. Haven’t got round to doing that yet but I really love the song so have put it to another video which was VERY MUCH inspired by this one from […]


2 January, 2012 (18:14) | Video | By: ob

The smallest piece of sound design I’ve done for my friends PariPassu.


2 December, 2011 (18:11) | Video | By: ob

Asked people to name things they couldn’t imagine the sound of. Cell division was one of them. I think it sounds like this:


31 October, 2011 (21:37) | Video | By: admin

Recent library music set to found moving image (courtesy of

Playgroup Festival Promo

25 October, 2011 (17:03) | Video | By: ob

Some music I made for a Playgroup PR vid for this year’s festival (Images with kind permission of Fractured Films, Brighton and Playgroup Festival 2011).


17 October, 2011 (16:41) | Video | By: ob

Recently came across a great generative music programme called Nodal. Here’s a piece of music I made using Nodal as a MIDI controller for Logic instruments. Parameters were altered afterwards. I also made the video a while back and thought the two married quite nicely.

Sunshine Coast

8 October, 2011 (19:20) | Video | By: ob

This is part of a score for a short film made a few years ago called ‘Sunshine Coast’. I don’t have permission to use the film but I do own the rights to the music so here it is cut to an excerpt of the marvellous Häxan. (Skip to 2 minutes for the good bit!).

Great Depths

5 October, 2011 (15:15) | Video | By: ob

Some music I made as an alternative to this bit of footage (courtesy of BBC)