Office Ambience

I recently read an alarming report published by the Environmental Health Trust which led to the banning of Wifi in French nurseries and thought to myself the extent of travelling radio waves and electronic signal through the atmosphere, ignored by us due to the limitations of our senses.

A day or two later, at work, with sun streaming through the window, a colleague turned to me and a said something like ‘it’s so quiet in here today, it’s so peaceful’. It made me think of all the noise around us that we couldn’t hear, so I decided to hook up half a dozen coils to some stuff in our office and record some of the inaudible noise.

I’ve called it The Office Ambience as a take on the Wire’s regular feature (a playlist based on music they have received in a given month). I thought what if, instead of having hours and hours of interesting and (mostly) beautiful music to soundtrack your nine-to-five you had harsh static, electronic pulses and repetitive oscillatory drones. (I’d quite like it).

The beginning and end of the video are live recordings of the sounds going through a small amp, mixed in real time. The bit in the middle was recorded and mixed through Logic.