Me and my friend Morris recorded a free improv guitar jam, intended as our contribution to the excellent One Month Album project.


Lyrebird 1

I’m producing a range of installation pieces for a series called ‘Lyrebird’.

Very simply, the sounds of objects being destroyed or distorted are recorded and played back through the processed object. The objects are attached to a surface transducer, which allow the objects themselves to sing with the sound of their own destruction.

This is an A1 sheet of pale yellow card.

The video showing the recording of the source audio can be seen here.

Patterns and Phases

I made a pair of aeolian harps for the Waveney & Blythe Arts sculpture trail.

They’re situated on the furthest northerly point on the site, on the edge of the scrape just beside the river.

When the wind is blowing in the right direction the harps provide a beautifully subtle stereo drone which compliments the landscape nicely.

Trail runs Friday to Sunday throughout August and the first weekend in September.

Plink Plonk

I’m really happy to announce Plink Plonk; a live series of new collaborations programmed by the Norfolk and Norwich Sonic Arts Collective (of which I am a member).

Plink Plonk is all about celebrating improvised music; providing a platform for local artists and collaborating with ‘stars’ from the improv world to create exciting new work.

Our first show is pretty huge, we’ve got John Butcher (sax) and David Ross (electronics) who will perform solo sets as well as an unplanned collaborative set, housed in the wonderful Tudor courtyard at Anteros.

In September we have a more local focussed event (poster below) followed by another huge show in December featuring Anton Hunter and Alan Wilkinson. Will be raucous!

Plink_Plonk_A6_Flyer_White (1)ppsept1 copy


Wet Grass and Webcams

I recently took part in a one-month album challenge (write, produce and release an album of 10 tracks (or 35 minutes in length) in the month of June). These pieces were really offcuts from longer, unfinished bits but I quite like some of it.

Free to download via Bandcamp

A Hidden Spectrum

I have a new monthly show on Future Radio (107.8FM and DAB) called A Hidden Spectrum.

It’s aim is to promote improvised music and to celebrate spontaneity in infrequent musical engagements so I’ll be playing lots of free stuff, lots of collaboration and hopefully get some session/live recordings from visiting improvisers and artists.

10-11pm, every third Sunday of the month.


Office Ambience

I recently read an alarming report published by the Environmental Health Trust which led to the banning of Wifi in French nurseries and thought to myself the extent of travelling radio waves and electronic signal through the atmosphere, ignored by us due to the limitations of our senses.

A day or two later, at work, with sun streaming through the window, a colleague turned to me and a said something like ‘it’s so quiet in here today, it’s so peaceful’. It made me think of all the noise around us that we couldn’t hear, so I decided to hook up half a dozen coils to some stuff in our office and record some of the inaudible noise.

I’ve called it The Office Ambience as a take on the Wire’s regular feature (a playlist based on music they have received in a given month). I thought what if, instead of having hours and hours of interesting and (mostly) beautiful music to soundtrack your nine-to-five you had harsh static, electronic pulses and repetitive oscillatory drones. (I’d quite like it).

The beginning and end of the video are live recordings of the sounds going through a small amp, mixed in real time. The bit in the middle was recorded and mixed through Logic.

Balanced Return

I’ve been looking into feedback systems whilst researching for an installation I’m currently making using coil pickups and gongs.

As part of that research I’ve been playing around with guitars and amplification and made this mini-installation using a guitar, amp and paintbrush. The feedback produced is just enough to keep the paintbrush vibrating causing the sound to be constant.

`playing with the tone wheel makes some nice tonal and textural differences too.

Abstract Playground

I recently contributed a few sound packs to the Abstract Playground, made by my good friend Will Hurt.

Abstract Playground is a screen based interactive tool, designed for people with learning difficulties, made during Will’s residency at the LEVEL Centre, Rowsley. The project was co-commissioned by D-Lab and the Level Centre.

I made Will a classical and noise/glitch based pack as well as one made from samples of one of my performances for prepared guitar. Here’s a video of the app with prepared guitar pack in action.

Playing & Projecting

I recently produced an event called Playing and Projecting which was part of the Magdalen Street Celebration.

The event consisted of two performances by the groups Arthur and Some Things at two different venues; Gildengate House at OUTPOST Studios in the morning and EPIC Studios in the afternoon. The groups were performing improvised music that was a response to a series of graphic scores created by participants of the Fast Forward project.

Fast Forward is a project run my Musical Keys, Nansa and OPEN for young people on the fringes of disability services. Over the course of four, two hour workshops, led by musician Chris Dowding and artist Annie Brundrit, the 12 participants created nine separate graphic scores all inspired by and using materials from Magdalen Street (brass rubbings, found objects, archival material etc).

I produced the event as well as designing the poster. Cheekily, I managed to contribute to the performance with some subtle electronics (in the first two pieces).

Here are a few the scores with accompanying event poster, and below that a film of four excerpts from the second performance at EPIC Studios.

five seven







My father-in-law has a really tuneful selection of fruit bowls. A little Cageian improvisation recorded on my phone.

Printed Matter

I recently helped my friend Tazelaar Stevenson with his Printed Matter book, which is on its’ way to the NYC Printed Matter book fair.

The book is a series of printed grids and textures, inspired by the landscapes of North Norfolk. The book comes with a 4 minute field recording, pressed on a 7 inch acetate (which is where my help came in). It’s a beautiful object and a fantastic recording featuring Curlews, Spoonbills and Mallards.




Techno Chair

I am currently working on a series of prototypes that are being developed to be used in a live performance to open the East Anglian (first!) stage of this years’ Tour Of Britain.

The idea is to adapt mobility aids and devices in to instruments so that the equipment becomes reliant on the user rather than vice versa as is commonly the case.

We will build several drum machines by either amplifying the audio from simple piezo set-ups on each wheel, or by using the audio to trigger user-designed samples.

I will also build some crutches that use the resistance of the user’s touch to create drones from a simple amplification circuit and a walking frame that will act as pentatonic chime synth.

My Champion Heartache

I produced three sound pieces for the excellent Odd Comic, collectively called ‘My Champion Heartache‘.

Holly and Dot of Odd Comic collected an archive of recordings from a series of performances, pieces and research projects, mostly concerning the morbid side of pet ownership. I edited the recordings and added a bunch of field recordings to make three collages.



No-Input Doom

My first proper improvisation for no-input mixer (no-input is the process of connecting one or multiple channels of a mixer into the output which causes the circuits to create feedback controlled by the mixers parameters such as panning and eq; it can be very delicate and totally unpredictable but can create some hugely deep and beautiful noises).

All sounds created by the Behringer 1202 and run through two very simple granular patches in Logic.

The video is completely out of sync, sorry.

Decomposed: Reconstructed

Surround sound design created for live installation at the Floating Gallery, Berlin


I have a sound piece at an exhibition titled ‘Topography Disarranged: Landscape, Dislocation & Place” at the excellent Queen of Hungary Space. The exhibition is 23rd May – 7th June and I thoroughly recommend visiting to hear the piece in the context of accompanying visual pieces. For those that can’t make it, this is my piece called ‘Cycle’. It has been mixed specifically for Sony MDR7506 headphones and designed to be played on an infinite loop.

My good friend and exceptional book cover designer, Leo Nickolls designed the accompanying booklet which provides several images of objects and locations recorded as part of the piece.






I’ve been working on a commission; a cymatic sound sculpture for children and young people called ‘See Sound’. The column has a 600W loudspeaker mounted in the top and above that will be a mounted steel sheet with coloured sand in (yet to made).

The speaker will be fed by a tone/wave generator app on an iPad which the young participant will be able to manipulate to create different cymatic patterns. The column will be painted in blackboard paint for the user to them draw their findings and favourite shapes. I’m a little worried someone will plug in their phone and play some Beyonce through it…..

Here’s where I am at the moment:

image (1) image


A recent Ident submission for a popular digital distributor (Images courtesy of ITV).

Feral Tapes

I host a show on Future Radio called Feral Tapes where I play lots of unusual sound and music, it’s on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month from 8-9pm and I’ve been told to promote it more – so here you go.

Listen online at http://www.futureradio.co.uk/futureplayer/radioplayer/index.html or at 107.8FM. I’ll get round to creating an archive of previous shows some point soon which will be available here.