Playing & Projecting

I recently produced an event called Playing and Projecting which was part of the Magdalen Street Celebration.

The event consisted of two performances by the groups Arthur and Some Things at two different venues; Gildengate House at OUTPOST Studios in the morning and EPIC Studios in the afternoon. The groups were performing improvised music that was a response to a series of graphic scores created by participants of the Fast Forward project.

Fast Forward is a project run my Musical Keys, Nansa and OPEN for young people on the fringes of disability services. Over the course of four, two hour workshops, led by musician Chris Dowding and artist Annie Brundrit, the 12 participants created nine separate graphic scores all inspired by and using materials from Magdalen Street (brass rubbings, found objects, archival material etc).

I produced the event as well as designing the poster. Cheekily, I managed to contribute to the performance with some subtle electronics (in the first two pieces).

Here are a few the scores with accompanying event poster, and below that a film of four excerpts from the second performance at EPIC Studios.

five seven