Plink Plonk

I’m really happy to announce Plink Plonk; a live series of new collaborations programmed by the Norfolk and Norwich Sonic Arts Collective (of which I am a member).

Plink Plonk is all about celebrating improvised music; providing a platform for local artists and collaborating with ‘stars’ from the improv world to create exciting new work.

Our first show is pretty huge, we’ve got John Butcher (sax) and David Ross (electronics) who will perform solo sets as well as an unplanned collaborative set, housed in the wonderful Tudor courtyard at Anteros.

In September we have a more local focussed event (poster below) followed by another huge show in December featuring Anton Hunter and Alan Wilkinson. Will be raucous!

Plink_Plonk_A6_Flyer_White (1)ppsept1 copy